Repatriation of unconverted long-term prisoners demanded

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) — Loud voices demanding the repatriation of the unconverted long-term prisoners in South Korea are ringing out from various countries.

The Trinidad and Tobago-DPRK Friendship and Solidarity Association in a statement issued on November 16 said the present South Korean authorities have lent a deaf ear to the just demand of the DPRK for the repatriation of such unconverted long-term prisoners as Kim In So and Ham Se Hwan within this year.

It went on:

This is an inhumane and unjustifiable act.

We strongly urge the South Korean authorities to immediately repatriate the unconverted long-term prisoners to North Korea where their families and relatives are waiting for them as demanded by them.

The Security Judges’ Association of Guyana in a November 17 letter of protest addressed to the South Korean chief executive said that the South Korean authorities have not yet repatriated the unconverted long-term prisoners suffering from various diseases caused by brutal torture and inhumane treatment for the mere reason that they refuse to be “converted”.

We think that it is an elementary humanitarian demand to repatriate them to their hometowns without delay and urge the South Korean authorities to immediately repatriate them to their hometowns within this year.

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