Fascist gag on progressive press under fire

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) — The South Korean Ministry of Education recently incorporated a “plan to strengthen guidance and management of university press” into its “student guidance measures” and instructed university authorities to intensify control and supervision over the editing of university newspapers and gazettes and radio broadcasting.

It is also forcing the university newspapers to delete any article related to the South Korean Federation of University Student Councils, the South Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and North Korea.

Rodong Sinmun today in a signed commentary says that Inje University, Keimyung University and other universities suspended the publication of their papers and progressive journalists were discharged and fell victim to disciplinary measures and newspaper offices were closed down.

The commentary dismisses this as a premeditated fascist suppressive campaign to block the dissemination of progressive ideas among the South Korean students and arrest their movement for independence, democracy and reunification and dampen the South Koreans’ longing for the man-centred socialist system in the north through a gag on the campus press.

It goes on:

It is not a crime for the South Korean university press to edit and carry articles reflecting the wishes and demands of students.

The fascists of the “people’s government” in the grip of an unprecedented ruling crisis are going to indiscriminately gag the progressive press disobedient to their fascist rule.

To this end they cooked up a “press corps” specializing in the gag on the press inside the “Intelligence Service,” a fascist and murderous plot-breeding organization.

The repressive campaign against the progressive university newspapers is a prelude to a new offensive against the press by the fascist “press corps.”

No fascist repression can ever destroy ideas. No matter what fascist crackdown the rulers may resort to, they can never dampen the longing of the South Korean students and people for man-centred socialism in the north where the great Juche idea has been fully embodied.

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