Anti-U.S., anti-“government” struggle called for

Pyongyang, November 27 (KCNA) — The central committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea on November 24 issued an appeal to all the South Korean people in denunciation of GIs’ massacres committed in the Korean War, the radio Voice of National Salvation from Seoul said.

The appeal said that GIs’ massacre of innocent civilians committed during the June 25 war was neither an accidental occurrence nor limited killings during the war but a massacre unprecedented in human history which was perpetrated by the order of the U.S. forces and under the carefully crafted military operation plan.

The appeal went on:

It is an urgent demand of the Korean nation and an exercise of the legitimate right of a victim to force the GIs to pay for the June 25 massacre of civilians. The attempts of the U.S. and the Kim Dae Jung “regime” to escape from responsibility for the massacre are an unpardonable mockery of the Korean nation and the human conscience.

The appeal calls for escalating the campaign for condemning the GIs’ June 25 massacre of civilians and probing into the truth behind the spraying of defoliant into an anti-U.S. movement of the whole nation and leading it to the struggle for an end to the U.S. colonial domination and the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from South Korea.

It also called for intensifying the struggle to liquidate the pro-Japanese, pro-U.S. elements to throw them into a rubbish ground of history and build a new independent country on this land without flunkeyist and treacherous politics.

The appeal underscored the need to unite the ranks of the anti-U.S. struggle closer and lift higher the beacon of the vigorous anti-U.S., anti-“government” struggle.

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