Japan jumps into development of “TMD” system

Pyongyang, November 27 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today carries an article disclosing the ambition of Japan which has taken part in the development of “Theatre Missile Defense” system (TMD).

In mid-August Japan signed a memorandum of understanding which calls for a joint development of “TMD” with the United States. This is what Japan wanted, dreaming of overseas aggression, the author of the article points out, and says:

Japan seeks to step up its moves for turning itself into a military power through involvement in the “TMD” development.

In this development Japan committed itself to making a light system of the missile for its launch into outer space which is to be placed at the top of the three-stage interceptor missile. The “system” is used to detect infra-red of enemy’s ballistic missile in outer space, track and strike the missile. Therefore, it is the key to the “TMD” development.

As seen above, Japan seeks, through the establishment of “TMD,” not only to possess long-range ballistic missiles but also to develop various missile technologies so as to equip itself with latest war equipment for overseas aggression.

It also seeks to trigger off arms race in the Asia-Pacific region, totally abolish its “peace constitution” and drastically beef up its military spending.

If Japan develops “TMD” together with the United States, other countries will be compelled to join in the arms race.

In this case it will rewrite the constitution and squander money for reinvasion, under the pretext that their military movements pose a “threat” to it.

Another aim of Japan is to go ahead with the militarization of the economy in real earnest so as to save it from a serious crisis.

Japan has to spend 20-30 billion yen for the development of the light system of the missile and 80 billion for intelligence satellite. Since 1,000 billion yen is needed for the deployment of such system, its military spending will continue to increase. After all, stumbling munitions monopolies will be caught in a shower of money and grow as poisonous mushrooms.

This ambition of Japan clearly shows that it, together with the United States, has grown to be main aggression forces threatening peace in Asia and the rest of the world.

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