“Joson Munhak Festival Prize” instituted

Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) — “Joson Munhak festival prize” was newly instituted in Korea.

The prize, instituted in the joint name of the central committee of the Korean Writers Union and the Literature and Art Press Group, will go to writers, journalists and editors (overseas Koreans included) whose excellent works including novels, poems, comments and notes won prizes at the annual festival arranged by the July issue of the magazine “Joson Munhak”.

The prize includes the “Joson Munhak festival certificate” and a gold medal.

The medal has a small metal disc 2 cm long and 7 mm high and silk decoration 2.4 cm in upper width, 1.8 cm in lower width and 3.8 cm in height, and its upper part curved. It is linked with the medal by a chain.

The magazine “Joson Munhak” is the successor to the “Munhwa Jonson”, the first magazine in this field.

The President Kim Il Sung gave highly important instructions for the edition of the magazine after reading its first issue in July, Juche 35 (1946).

Ever since its appearance the magazine has creditably fulfilled its mission and duty as the country’s typical literary and art publication loved by the people.

The editorial department of “Joson Munhak” of the literature and art press group has successfully organized a festival on its July issue since 1990.

More than ten writers and journalists were awarded the “Joson Munhak festival certificate” and a gold medal in Pyongyang at the end of September this year for proving successful in the past festivals.

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