U.S. spraying of defoliant branded as crime

Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the National Democratic Front of South Korea on November 26 made public a statement as regards the spraying of defoliant by the U.S. forces over the demilitarized zone along the Military Demarcation Line in the late 1960s, according to a Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation.

Saying that the defoliant sprayed by the U.S. forces over the Military Demarcation Line is the most barbarous chemical weapon, the statement noted that it had been clearly proved in the Vietnam War waged by the United States.

The statement accused the U.S. and South Korean authorities of having concealed the criminal act for more than 30 years and trying hard to cover up the gravity of the crime. It went on:

The Korean people can not live under the same sky together with the U.S. barbarians who massacred innocent people cold-bloodedly during the wartime and sprayed poisonous substance in peacetime.

Now the U.S. and Kim Dae Jung group are clamoring about the non-existent “threat of chemical weapons from the north.” This is a trick to conceal their crime of using chemical weapons and divert elsewhere people’s attention at home and abroad.

The U.S. and the South Korean criminals should apologize for their spraying of defoliant over the Military Demarcation Line before the nation and be judged by history.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1268403401/

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