Self-reliance is lifeline of independent people

Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) — Self-reliance is a lifeline of independent people, an article of Rodong Sinmun today stresses.

The author of the article says that only self-reliance can guarantee independent life, desire and wish of the popular masses.

The article goes on:

Self-reliance, above all, is a sure guarantee for firmly defending socialism and thus everyone should continuously maintain the principle with which one overcomes difficulties believing in one’s strength.

And self-reliance is an only short-cut to build a country into a strong and prosperous one.

Today each country is developing itself in its own way.

Among them are those countries which seek to overcome difficulties in the ways of “reform” and “opening” and those trying to develop economy with other’s “aids” and “foreign capital.”

But Korea will never build strong and prosperous country in those ways.

The Korean people are pressed hard for everything in the way to build a powerful country. But we can not stand back even a step from the way of self-reliance.

Self-reliance is an invincible treasured sword to achieve a final victory in the fierce confrontation with the imperialists. In order to be a winner in the showdown, all work should be carried out on the principle of self-reliance.

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