Kyongsong hot spring

Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) — Kyongsong county in North Hamgyong Province is dotted with hot springs.

Among them are sand hot spring and Onpho hot spring.

The former is located two kilometers northwest of the county town and the latter eight kilometers further to the mountain valley.

The temperature of the area is relatively high in winter months, with spectacular showy white frost-flowers on the twigs.

The sand hot spring has two sources at an interval of 300 metres with three spring-heads in the southeast and two in the northwest. The ground is covered with sand. Hence the name of the sand hot spring.

The spring gushes out some 400 tons of hot water a day.

The water temperature is 60’c. It is efficacious for indigestion, hypertrophy, arthritis, the aftereffects of trauma, sterility, nervous system trouble, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. It promotes basal metabolism and the functions of internal organs and stimulates appetite.

The sanatorium has 10 medical sections for balneo-therapy, physical treatment and mud therapy. Up-to-date medical appliances are available. It is staffed with dozens of experienced doctors including those with academic degrees.

It can accommodate thousands of people annually.

The Oonpho hot spring has more spring-heads than the sand spring, with the water temperature of 70’c.

The six spring-heads which are now available spout 1,700 tons of hot water a day.

The Onpho rest house has an accommodation capacity of 1,000 people, equipped with advanced facilities. The term is two or three weeks for a holiday-maker. He can enjoy climbing, sports, angling, boating and sea bathing there.

Forests are kept as special reserve.

The hot springs are accessible not only to Koreans but to foreigners.

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