Party given for delegation of political parties of Japan

Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) — The Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea gave a party in welcome of the Korea visit of a delegation of Japanese political parties at Okryu Restaurant today.

Present on invitation were members of the delegation headed by Tomiichi Murayama, former prime minister and member of the House of Representatives of Japan, suite members, officials of the Foreign Ministry, other personnel concerned and media men of Japan.

Secretary Kim Yong Sun, department director Kim Yang Gon and deputy department director Song Ho Gyong of the Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea and officials concerned were present.

Kim Yong Sun, addressing the party, said that the unhappy history between Korea and Japan made at the beginning of the present century has not been liquidated till now when the new century is at hand and the abnormal relations continue between them.

He noted:

This is not beneficial to peace and stability of northeast Asia. This is a very regrettable thing which is contrary to the aspiration and desire of the peoples of Korea and Japan, we think.

Recently voices crying for the liquidation of the unfavorable past and improvement of relations between the two countries are ringing out from Japan. Statesmen should not turn their back on this. It is a good thing that the delegation of Japanese political parties came to our country in the hope to improve DPRK-Japan relations at the end of the 1900s, we think.

It is the invariable desire of the peoples of the two countries to make a clean sheet of the past unhappy history between them and develop relations of good neighbourhood and friendship on the principle of independence, equality, non-interference in other’s internal affairs and reciprocity.

Tomiichi Murayama said in his speech that abnormal relations between Japan and Korea have existed for more than 50 years since the second world war and that there are great many hurdles in the bilateral relations.

He said Japan and Korea are neighbors separated each other by a thin strip of water, adding that they came to Pyongyang with a will to work toward the improved atmosphere between Japan and Korea and create an environment for full-dress authority-to-authority dialogue.

He expressed hope that their visit would be the first step forward for the establishment of new relations of trust between the two countries.

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