Phyongchon Revolutionary Site

Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) — The Phyongchon Revolutionary Site is visited by an endless stream of people from all walks of life in Korea.

More than 10,000 people visited it in recent one month alone.

Military attaches of foreign embassies here and other foreigners also went to see the site.

It is situated in Phyongchon-dong no. 1, Phyongchon district, Pyongyang.

The place is associated with the revolutionary exploit the President Kim Il Sung performed by choosing the site for the nation’s first ordnance factory after the country’s liberation on august 15, 1945 and bringing the beginning of its munitions industry.

There stands an oil painting which depicts President Kim Il Sung firing a submachine gun made by Korean workers with their own efforts and anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk. There are also a monument to their guidance, a firing range, submachine gun assembly workshop and a panorama of the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site.

Looking round historic relics, the visitors retrospect with deep emotion the immortal feats performed by the President for the development of the munitions industry of the country.

The President, regarding the issue of increasing the defence capabilities of the country as the most important issue of the state, visited the Phyongchon plain in October, 1945.

He told officials to build our own munitions industry together with modern regular armed forces capable of reliably defending the country and people from the imperialists’ invasion in order to build a prosperous, independent and sovereign state. He unfolded a far-reaching plan to build an ordnance factory in the Phyongchon plain and develop the nation’s munitions industry with the factory as a mother factory.

Up to July 1950 since then he visited the place 16 times and gave highly important instructions on more than 70 occasions.

The President went there in December 1948 to test-fire a submachine gun made by the workers of the factory.

In June, 1949, Kim Jong Suk and General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited there to fire weapons made by the factory the story of which will be conveyed to posterity.

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