Struggle for abolition of “security law” supported

Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) — The central committee of the Korean Educational and Cultural Workers’ Union sent a solidarity letter to the “National Council for College Faculty for Democracy” in South Korea on November 30 supporting its struggle for the abolition of the “security law”.

The letter noted that the struggles for the repeal of the “security law” spearheaded by the council are commanding unanimous support and approval of the 70 million compatriots as they are the most righteous and justifiable ones to remove legal and institutional mechanisms standing in the way of independence and democratization of society and national reunification.

As long as such an evil law as the “security law” remains in force, there can be neither independence and democratization of society nor genuine education in South Korea, the letter stressed. It expressed full support to the council in its just struggle for the total abolition of the “security law”.

The letter continued: The South Korean authorities’ loudmouthed “revision of the ‘security law'” is nothing but a crafty trick to make the law a more fascist one in a bid to bind the South Korean people hand and foot, throw a bigger hurdle in the way of reunification and continue to use it as a means for the upkeep of their power.

The letter expressed the belief that the council would strengthen solidarity with other organizations and carry on its vigorous struggle for the total abrogation of the “security law” and a turning-point in independence and democratization of the South Korean society and national reunification.

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