Talks between delegations of WPK and Japanese political parties

Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) — Talks were held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall today between delegations of the Worker’s Party of Korea and political parties of Japan.

Present on our side were secretary Kim Yong Sun, department director Kim Yang Gon and vice department director Song Ho Gyong of the WPK Central Committee and officials concerned and on the opposite side were members of the visiting Japanese delegation led by Tomiichi Murayama, former prime minister and member of the House of Representatives, and suite members.

The WPK side touched on socialist contraction in the DPRK and the issue of national reunification.

Referring to the question of Korean reunification, the WPK side said that the great leader Kim Jong Il formulated the three principles of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity, the proposal for founding the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo and the 10-point program of the great unity of the entire nation as the three-point charter of national reunification and set forth the policy of reunifying the country by achieving the great national unity on the principle of national independence and under the banner of patriotism.

Discussed at the talks were issues of improving relations between the DPRK and Japan and realising bilateral exchange in various domains as well as humanitarian issue.

Both sides had identical views that bilateral relations should be normalized at an early date. They manifested their positions.

The WPK side said its position concerning the DPRK-Japan relations is clear and remains unchanged. If Japan honestly apologizes and compensates for the immeasurable misfortunes and disasters it inflicted on the Korean people in the past and renounces its hostile policy toward the DPRK, the DPRK will make friendly approach to Japan, one of its neighbors, and then the abnormal relations between the two countries will be improved, it added.

The Japanese side expressed apology and repentance for Japan’s colonial rule over Korea and said it is a major task to improve the relations between the two countries that have been abnormal since World War II.

The Japanese side manifested its position to put an end to the abnormal relations through negotiations without conditions and improve them.

The WPK side said “missile launch” and “abduction” are words unfriendly and hostile toward the DPRK. The words do not sound good for the two peoples and will only aggravate their relations, it stressed.

There are good examples of cooperation between the two countries in the settlement of humanitarian issues, the two sides noted, and called for settling such issues through negotiations between red cross organisations of the two countries in the future, too.

The two sides emphasized that negotiations should begin soon to settle within this century the unhappy things that have occurred in this century.

They had identical views that talks for diplomatic relations between the two countries should be resumed without delay so that bilateral relations may be improved.

The talks proceeded in a sincere, good atmosphere.

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