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Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) — The DPRK government, political parties and organizations today issued an appeal to the governments, political parties and organizations of all countries of the world, 20 years after the concrete wall was built in the area south of the Military Demarcation Line (MDL).

The concrete wall, 5-8 m in height, 10-19 m in lower width and 3-7 m in upper width, extends more than 240 km, dividing 8 counties and 122 villages and cutting off 3 main railways, 3 highways and 220 minor roads on the Korean peninsula.

The wall can be used as a bridgehead for aggression against the north as it is equipped with many pillboxes and artillery positions and armored units including tanks and armored vehicles can go promptly into action in case of emergency from behind it.

Recalling that the South Korean authorities, in utter disregard of the destiny of the country and the nation, built such an immense wall of division unprecedented in the world history, backed and instigated by outside forces, the appeal condemned this crime that brought an indelible disgrace to the inviolable territory of the nation as a thrice-cursed anti-reunification, anti-national criminal act.

The present South Korean authorities are building higher all sorts of political and judicial barriers blocking reunification while persistently denying the existence of the concrete wall. This goes to prove that they have neither willingness to have true reconciliation and unity with us nor will for reunification.

The “reconciliation” and “cooperation” touted by them under the signboard of “engagement policy” are nothing but a broad hoax to cover up their true colors as separatists.

It would have been unthinkable without the support and patronage of the U.S. that the South Korean authorities’ anti-reunification moves are encouraged and connived at, the appeal noted, and continued:

The U.S. not only turns blind eyes to the concrete wall in South Korea whose existence is a hard fact but keeps egging its authorities on to a showdown with the north.

Having worked out the “operation plan 5027-98”, a second adventurous war scenario to invade the DPRK, the U.S. specified even the size of the U.S. forces to be rapidly dispatched to the Korean peninsula in the event of contingency and a timetable for it. It is staging large-scale joint military exercises with the South Korean authorities without a let-up after supplying them with huge quantities of sophisticated military hardware, thus driving the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of war.

The daily aggravating situation on the Korean peninsula clearly proves that it is hard to expect improved north-south relations or any progress in the reunification cause as long as barriers blocking reunification including the concrete wall remain as they are.

The South Korean authorities should remove without delay all the political and physical barriers going against the desire of the nation and the aspiration of the times and turn to alliance and reconciliation with the north and reunification.

The United States which is chiefly responsible for the division of Korea should be accountable for the fact that the concrete wall in South Korea has not yet been pulled down although ten years have passed since the Berlin wall was removed and lend an ear to the just demand of all the Korean people and the world peace-loving people for its immediate removal.

It is an urgent task for peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the rest of Asia and the world to pull down the wall of division in Korea as soon as possible and achieve national unity and reunification.

The government, political parties and organizations in the DPRK express the expectation and belief that the justice-and peace-loving governments, political parties and organizations of the world will voice positive support and solidarity to our patriotic and reunification-oriented efforts for the removal of the concrete wall.

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