Famous composer Ri Kon U remembered

Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) — “Ri Kon U concert” was held at the Yun I Sang Concert Hall in Pyongyang recently amid keen interest of music lovers.

Put on the stage were over 10 pieces of music including songs “Camellia” and “We, Too, Will Become Human Bombs” composed by Ri Kon U in his lifetime.

The concert touched the right chord of the audience for representing rich emotion and pulsating life.

Ri Kon U (1919-1998) had a long career as a composer.

He was very erudite in music from his early years. A young man of a colony as he was, he entered for a composing competition of the national music concours held under the sponsorship of the Japanese Mainichi Shimbun and won it twice in his twenties, drawing great attention of the people.

It was his wish to create true music for the people.

After liberation he energetically struggled for social democracy and the reunification of the country together with progressive men of literature and art in South Korea for which he was thrown into Sodaemun prison, Seoul.

The liberation of Seoul on June 28, 1950 marked a turning-point in his life and his creative work.

After his release from prison he joined the Korean People’s Army. During the war he created at least 10 songs encouraging the soldiers and people to win victory in it.

After the war he worked at national and local art institutions. He worked at the Yun I Sang Music Institute as an honorary researcher from October 1990 and died in 1998 while dedicating himself to the music creation.

Among his more than hundreds of music pieces are such folk songs as “Changsong Is Good” and “Song of Boats in Monggumpho,” such wartime songs as “Song of Young Guerillas” and “Song of Encirclement and Annihilation” and chorus and orchestra “May South Sea Roar .”

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