Repatriation of unconverted long-term prisoners called for

Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Consultative Council of Former South Korean Politicians In the North For the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification issued a statement on December 3 accusing the South Korean Red Cross of following a policy contrary to humanitarianism pursued by the authorities, paying no heed to the just demand of the DPRK for the repatriation of the unconverted long-term prisoners to the north before the end of the year.

The council strongly denounces the South Korean Red Cross’s wrong attitude of blindly following the authorities dead set against the solution of the issue of repatriating the unconverted long-term prisoners as a mockery of and a challenge to all the fellow countrymen and human conscience, the statement said, and continued:

If the South Korean authorities truly value human lives and wish reconciliation and cooperation between the north and south, they should not insist on far-fetched assertions, putting up unjustified conditions and pretexts but unconditionally and promptly repatriate before the end of the year all the unconverted long-term prisoners including Kim In So, Kim Yong Thae and Ham Se Hwan who have their families and relatives in the north.

The statement once again strongly demanded the South Korean Red Cross not remain a waiting maid of the authorities but take a prompt measure, though belatedly, to repatriate the unconverted long-term prisoners to fulfil its mission to alleviate their misfortunes and sufferings.

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