Achievements in film production

Pyongyang, December 6 (KCNA) — Many films have been produced in Korea this year, greatly encouraging the Koreans to build a powerful nation.

The Korean film studio and the April 25 Film Studio of the Korean People’s Army produced the multi-part feature films “The Forest Sways” (parts 7-11) and “The Nation and Destiny” (Choe Hyon’s parts 1-3) as masterpieces of the time that vividly represented the noble ideological and mental world of forerunners who defended their leader even at the cost of life.

Tens of feature films include the films based on revolutionary traditions such as “Lifeline” and “Love the Future” about anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters who devotedly fought for the revolution with confidence in victory and the films on socialist realities such as “We Live Here” and “Hot-blooded Man.”

There are also TV feature films such as “Man of the Nation” (parts 1-12) about world pro-wrestling champion Kim Sin Rak (Rikidoozan) and “Girl Judoist” (parts 1-4) about Kye Sun Hui, a comet in judo circles of the world.

The radio art and literature production group of the DPRK Radio and TV Broadcasting Committee produced various forms of television dramas such as “Ardent Wish” (parts 1-13) and “sea gull” (parts 1-2).

The Korean scientific and documentary film studio produced some 30 documentaries including “With the Honor of That Day” and “Volunteers From Pyongyang” based on the pulsating realities of socialist Korea and about 30 scientific films about applicable achievements in science and technology such as “Construction of Minor Power Stations” (part 4) and “Potato Cultivation” (parts 1-2).

The Korean April 26 Children’s Film Studio created the popular animated cartoon series “Squirrel and Hedgehog” (parts 13-15) and “Clever Racoon Dog” (parts 47-49) and about ten children’s films of great cognitive and educational value such as “Mysterious Crystal Bead” and “Why Could Not I Know?”

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