Building of fair world information order called for

Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) — The DPRK representative made a speech on Nov. 17 when information was under discussion at the 54th UN General Assembly session. He called for establishing a fair world information order to realize humankind’s desire to build a new peaceful and prosperous world.

Any acts of encroaching upon sovereignty and interfering in internal affairs of other countries by use of information media should not be allowed to establish a new more fair and effective information order, he noted, and went on:

Now some countries are monopolizing modern information media and using them to impose their view of ideological and cultural value upon other countries. The UN should pay a special attention to information so that it may serve the purpose of promoting understanding and reconciliation among nations, strengthening friendly and cooperative bonds among countries and putting spurs to worldwide progress.

It is necessary to increase the information capacity of the developing countries to enable all countries to conduct information activities on an equal footing and ensure impartiality and objectivity in activities of the UN, the UN Information Department in particular.

The UN and its specialized organizations should pay a due attention to updating and modernizing information infrastructure of the developing countries and increase fund allocation for this field.

UN information activities should be conducted not for one country only but for all UN member states, he noted, adding that there can be trust in the UN only when their objectivity and impartiality are strictly observed.

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