Moves to strengthen tripartite military alliance

Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) — The United States, Japan and South Korea have come in for strong criticism by Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article for further strengthening the tripartite military alliance, the NATO of Asian version.

Warning against the danger of these moves, the article calls for decisively reacting to them.

It goes on:

The U.S., Japan and South Korea are strengthening their military alliance, while escalating war exercises. This is aimed to ignite a war of aggression when a chance presents itself in that course.

Through the close military links with the NATO the United States, Japan and South Korea are introducing NATO-style relations of military alliance and its principles of aggression.

The strengthened military alliance and its aggressive moves are bringing a great danger to Asia.

The alliance is not targeted at the Korean peninsula only.

Underlying the strengthened military alliance is the U.S. strategy for domination.

It is the calculation of the United States that it can dominate the whole world if it retains a hold on the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

By making air strikes against Yugoslavia with the NATO involved, the United States paved the sure way for the expansion of the NATO, the main force in dominating Europe.

Its next task is to deal with the Asia-Pacific region where there are big powers.

The United States’ control over this region through the tripartite military alliance would be little short of dominating the whole world.

Therefore, it is a vital issue for the peoples in the region to frustrate the moves to boost the military alliance and its aggressive moves.

Only when the people maintain a sharp vigilance against these moves and decisively torpedo them is it possible to defend peace and stability in Asia and the rest of the world.

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