Popular garment factory

Pyongyang, December 7 (KCNA) — The Songchongang Garment Factory in Hamhung is increasing its production of good-quality garments these days. Every year this factory produces different kinds of garments including padded overcoat, shirt and vest, each of them numbering over hundreds of thousands of suits.

The factory situated in Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province, is one of the leading factories under the Korea Unha General Trading Corporation. It has a 25-year-long history.

This large factory is equipped with tens of kinds of modern facilities necessary for garment making.

Its productive and technical potentialities are very great. For example, most of the employees of the factory are graduates from universities and colleges in this domain and from its school for skilled workers. So, technical requirements of all the production processes are fully met.

The products of this factory have been exported to tens of countries including Japan, Russia, Germany, Canada, France and Britain. Overcoats padded with duck-feather which are produced in the factory are very popular in markets of southeast Asian countries in recent years.

This year alone, the factory made garments on orders of companies of 10 odd countries.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/1026333155/

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