Fine art exhibition

Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) — A fine art exhibition is now being held at the Mansudae Art Studio, a general art creation center of Korea, amid deep concern of the Pyongyangites on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

Exhibited there are over 700 pieces of works such as Korean paintings Korean jewel paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, embroideries and porcelains of different themes.

In particular, many new works vividly depicting immortal exploits of three commanders of Mt. Paektu are exhibited there drawing attention of visitors.

Korean paintings “long journey for anti-Japanese bloody battles” and “finding himself on the height in flames” displayed there depict well the noble revolutionary exploit of the President Kim Il Sung who devoted his whole life to the fatherland and the people.

Other Korean paintings such as “the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il inspiring Jagang provincial people to a cheerful march” and “march for victory” truly reflect the exploits and quality of the great leader Kim Jong Il who is leading the building of a powerful nation in the van.

A graphic painting “the great communist revolutionary fighter comrade Kim Jong Suk finding herself among women pilots” and others show well the benevolent traits and immortal exploits of Kim Jong Suk on an artistic canvas.

There are many art works which depict the revolutionary will and faith of the Korean people who are building a powerful nation and which are clear in ideological and thematic contents and great in cognitive and educational value.

Typical of them are Korean paintings “flames in Songgang”, “the only way out is self-reliance” and “let us advance cheerfully though our path is thorny”, a woodcut “spirit of Taehongdan”, a landscape painting “Kim Jong Ilia in full bloom at the native house in the secret camp of Mt. Paektu” and a Korean jewel painting “Ssangji rock on Mt. Chilbo”.

All works displayed there vividly show the development of Juche-oriented art in Korea.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nemethv/23358273541/

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