S. Korean ruler’s moves to incite inter-Korean confrontation flayed

Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) — Some days ago, South Korean brass-hats including the “Minister of National Defense” and commanders of army corps and upward at a “meeting of major commanding officers of the three services” incited a war fever by raising again the oft-repeated hue and cry over “infiltration and provocation” from someone and “possible total war.”

Jo Song Thae, “Minister of National Defense,” in an “address” called for “sustaining military preparedness to cope with threat from the north.”

A signed commentary of Rodong Sinmun today dismisses their outbursts as a revelation of their criminal intention to launch a war to seize the north at any cost by seriously provoking it and escalating inter-Korean confrontation.

It is an ill-boding development that they are busy with military confabs, stepping up arms buildup more frantically than ever before, the commentary says, and goes on:

Their pursuance of war in league with outside forces is as foolish an act as jumping into fire with faggot on their backs.

Saber-rattling by warmongers at home and abroad arouses our high vigilance.

The warlords are well advised to properly judge their opponent and stop running amuck.

We are fully prepared to annihilate any aggressors and provokers at one stroke.

The South Korean authorities had better not run wild but cool down their heads overheated with anti-north war fever.

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