Japanese reactionaries assailed for their craftiness

Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — Japan has long committed all sorts of vices against other countries, backed by big countries. Being dishonest, Japan is apt to cheat others and resorts to any crafty act to meet its interests. Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed article laying bare the craftiness of Japan.

The article goes on:

There are too many instances proving this crafty nature of Japan to cite.

The Japanese authorities adamantly denied the crimes related to “comfort women for the army” at the outset, albeit they were aware of them.

As undeniable evidence and testimonies were provided as regards the crimes, they are talking about “compensation” from a “civilian fund” in a bid to evade their governmental responsibility for them.

Underlying their move is a crafty trick to convince the public at home and abroad that Japan’s use of “comfort women for the army” was not an organized crime and evade governmental responsibility and compensation for this crime at any cost.

Japan’s craftiness finds a vivid expression in working hard to seek permanent membership of the UN Security Council and escalating its moves for nuclear armament and overseas reinvasion.

When the DPRK launched its satellite, Japan got frantic in its anti-DPRK campaign, insisting that it was “ballistic missile launch”. This was prompted by its sinister intention to justify its moves for overseas reinvasion under the pretext of “threat from the DPRK” and divert elsewhere vigilance against Tokyo.

This crafty nature of Japan comes out of its short-sighted way of thinking.

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