Year marked by leader’s endless on-spot guidance

Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — The Korean people have achieved great successes in building a powerful nation this year through the vigorous second grand Chollima march.

Over a hundred valuable scientific achievements including iron making by oxygen blowing have been applied to practice and many large and minor power stations made their appearance in different parts of the country.

The underground coal gasification industry was built in the nation’s leading Anju coal field and a new salt industry on the shores of the east Korean bay. The December 5 Youth Mine, the November 28 Factory, the wharf of Taehung port and other construction projects have been completed one after another.

Credit for all these achievements goes to General Secretary Kim Jong Il’s outstanding wisdom and practical ability and indomitable will.

From the new year’s day he has spared no pains giving on-the-spot guidance to every part of the country, saying that it is his idea and firm determination to build a powerful socialist nation in Korea at an early date so that no enemy may encroach upon it and all the people may lead a happy life with nothing to envy.

He went to the National Academy of Sciences on the first leg of his trips for on-the-spot guidance this year to provide a scientific and technological guarantee for the building of a powerful nation. He specified an orientation and ways to put the nation’s science and technology on the world’s level in the shortest possible time.

Then he visited the Thaechon Hydroelectric General Power Plant where he learned about how the power station was built and how the power production was going on. He gave it important tasks which would serve as a guideline in increasing the nation’s power production.

While visiting Taehongdan on the northern tip of the country, he indicated the way of making a signal innovation in potato cultivation, saying that potato is as good as rice and it is also important in building a powerful nation to cultivate potato well.

He gave on-the-spot guidance to all major economic regions including Huichon, Manpho, Tokchon, south and north Hamgyong provinces, Kangwon Province, North Phyongan Province and so on.

His tireless on-the-spot guidance greatly encouraged the working people at all the units of the socialist economic construction to make a victorious advance, overcoming economic difficulties.

The country’s economic situation still remains difficult owing to the imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK and several years of natural disasters. But, the Korean people are accelerating the second grand Chollima march at a canter, firmly united around the leader with the unshakable confidence that victory is in store for them.

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