Blessed people

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) — The number of people who receive benevolent birthday and wedding tables under the blessings of the leader is increasing in Korea as the days go by.

This is a vivid picture of socialism of Korea in which the leader and the people form a harmonious whole.

Many macrobians including Ri Song Nyo residing in Tongdaewon district, Pyongyang, Kim Thuk Sil in Unsan county, South Phyongan Province, and Han Orin Nyo in Pukchong county, South Hamgyong Province, received centennial birthday tables this year.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il sends centennial birthday tables to all of centenarians who meet their birthdays, saying the increase in the number of centenarians is a pride of the country. He took such measures as instructing the health organs across the country to take special care of them.

Along with the macrobians, the first woman general of Korea Jon Ku Gang and war veterans, creator of the Mansudae Art Studio U Chi Son, researcher of Kim Il Sung University Paek To Hyon and other talented scientists, technicians and artistes received 70th and 80th birthday tables from the leader.

And a lot of people who devoted themselves to society and the collective also received benevolent birthday tables.

Many participants in national meetings had the honor of getting birthday tables sent by the leader.

Among the blessed people are Kim Man Yu, adviser to the central standing council of the Medical Federation of Korean Residents in Japan, Kim Si Mo who received a centennial birthday table during her visit to the homeland and other overseas compatriots and a Japanese woman in Korea, Kamu Hyo Gyong, who works at the institute of the Central Botanical Garden.

Worker of the Tongrim home for disabled soldiers in North Phyongan Province Kim Kum Hui and many other young people received wedding tables.

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