Enjoying benefit of free education system

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) — In the DPRK where a free education system is in force, all people are at their books.

Eighteen members of Ri Jin Sil’s family living in Chilgol-dong no. 3, Mangyongdae district, Pyongyang, are graduates of universities including Kim Chaek University of Technology, Korean University of Physical Education, Pyongyang University of Music and Dance and Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies.

Before Korea was liberated from Japanese rule in August 1945, children’s education was one of the Korean people’s cherished wishes.

Having lost her husband at the age of 26, Ri tried to give her children bright hopes of education. But her dream became attenuated in the face of realities under Japanese colonial rule.

It was not until Korea’s liberation that her age-long dream was realized.

The same is true of the family of Jang Pok Sun in Puksae-dong, Moranbong district, Pyongyang. Her six children’s couples finished the university course.

The introduction of a completely free and universal education system in 1959 was an epochal event in fulfilling the Koreans’ long-cherished desire for their children’s education.

Measures were taken to provide full conditions for free education. Schools were built or rebuilt, and highly qualified teachers and educational apparatuses provided to schools.

Buses, boats and trains are available exclusively for children in areas far away from school location.

Well-equipped educational facilities including the Grand People’s Study House are found everywhere.

Thanks to the most advantageous public education system having been put into effect, the DPRK can be called a country of learning. Present-Korea has nearly two million intellectuals produced from its own bases for cadre training.

The launch of the first artificial earth satellite and the rapid development of hi-tech in every sector of the national economy are the feat of a free education system.

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