Foreign language press group 50 years old

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) — The foreign language press group, the nation’s comprehensive publishing center for overseas propaganda, marked the 50th anniversary of its establishment on December 4.

The press group is located in Sosong district, Pyongyang.

The group, which commenced its work by publishing a magazine “New Korea”, has turned into what it is today. It publishes diverse literature including a variety of books, magazines and newspapers.

Credit for this glorious history of the press group goes to General Secretary Kim Jong Il’s energetic leadership.

He guided its work on the spot seven times and gave it highly important instructions hundreds of times, thus indicating the orientation and ways to be followed by it in each period and at each stage of the developing revolution.

When the construction of its foreign language printing plant was completed, he came to the factory and declared it commissioned.

Under his meticulous guidance and care, it has turned into the nation’s strong publishing center for overseas propaganda having publishing houses for works Korea pictorial, the Pyongyang Times, foreign language magazines, foreign trade, Korea today and the information services as well as the foreign language printing plant and a school for training translators.

Over the last half century the group has translated and published famous works of the President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il at least tens of millions of volumes of some 700 kinds, in different languages and distributed them to the world.

At a time when the imperialists were describing the collapse of socialism in a number of countries as “the end of socialism” the press group translated and published Kim Jong Il’s works “socialism is a science” and “abuses of socialism are intolerable”, and so on. And distributed them, thus powerfully encouraging the world people in the struggle for the revival of socialism and the cause of independence.

More than ten millions books translated and published by it greatly helped to widely introduce the stirring realities of man-centred socialism of Korean style and an ancient history and culture of the nation.

Meanwhile, the newspaper “Pyongyang Times”, magazine “Korea Today”, “Kumsugangsan” and “Foreign Trade in Korea” and pictorial magazine “Korea” and other periodicals and picture album and other literature have been translated and published in different languages and distributed to at least 160 countries and international organizations in the world.

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