Concrete wall splits Korea into two parts

Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) — 20 years have passed since the concrete wall was built in areas south of the Korean Military Demarcation L ne.

The concrete wall is a product of the U.S. “two Koreas” policy and the South Korean authorities’ maneuvers to perpetuate the national division. This is an unprecedented physical barrier which severed the blood ties of the Korean nation and bisected its territory into two parts.

This concrete wall cut off 122 villages of 8 counties, 3 railways, 3 main roads and over 220 minor roads on the Korean peninsula.

The over 240 km long-heavily fortified wall is 5-8 m high, 10-19 m wide at its bottom and 3-7 m wide on its top.

South Korea built it as a bridgehead to invade the north.

It has many pillboxes and artillery emplacements. Its over 4 m wide automatic iron gates make it possible for tanks and armored vehicles and other armored forces to promptly go into action in case of “emergency”.

It is the nation’s disgrace and greatest tragedy that such a wall of division, which can hardly be found in other countries and regions of the world still exists in South Korea though a new millennium is near at hand.

The DPRK branded the wall as a symbol of division for it split Korea, which has remained one and the same land for thousands of years, into the north and south and put forward many proposals demanding its immediate removal.

Well known to the world are the DPRK offers including the appeal sent by the DPRK government, political parties and organizations to the governments, political parties and organizations in all countries of the world on Dec. 3.

An international fact-finding group identified the wall on the spot in May, Juche 79 (1990) and urged the UN Secretary-General and the international community to make efforts for the removal of the wall.

The “international forum demanding the removal of the concrete wall” held in Pyongyang last August recognized the wall as a cursed artificial barrier dividing the nation in the 20th century and appealed to the world peace-loving people to join in the campaign for its removal.

It is the unanimous opinion of the world’s progressives that they cannot greet a new millennium with the concrete wall, the last leftover of the cold war, remaining on the Korean peninsula.

The concrete wall should be pulled down unconditionally and immediately.

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