U.S. moves to establish “missile defense” system

Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) — U.S. Secretary of Defense Cohen, speaking before the NATO defense ministers recently, insisted that the U.S. “National Missile Defense” system should be established without fail. He asserted that the United States and Europe would be exposed to “grave threat” if the DPRK and some other countries continue to “develop or introduce long-range missile.”

Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun today says it is nonsense that the DPRK poses a missile threat to the U.S. The “national and theatre missile defense” systems are of offensive nature from A to Z and they are aimed at having a decisive military edge, the daily notes, and goes on:

The United States is scheming to deploy the “Theatre Missile Defense” system in South Korea and Japan.

Its “missile defense” system is not only intended to contain the DPRK. Through establishment of such system the U.S. seeks to lead big powers and some countries, which it considers as potential opponents, to arms race and thus put them in an economic crisis.

It also intends to include all areas of the earth in its “missile defense” network, take a military edge and dominate the world.

If such moves are allowed the U.S. will become more high-handed and arbitrary, the danger of war will grow and the global peace and security will be seriously threatened. We cannot but take countermeasure now that the U.S. is speeding up the establishment of “missile defense” system against the DPRK.

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