KCNA on sinister plot of Japanese reactionaries

Pyongyang, December 16 (KCNA) — Leading Japanese newspapers on December 12 and 13 spotlighted news that the public security department of the metropolitan police recently arrested officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and announced the results of investigation on Dec. 12.

They asserted that a former official of Chongryon and others, who had been arrested on charge of the “insurance money scandal” in late November, were engaged in somebody’s espionage against South Korea and Japan.

Japanese media’s much talked “spy case” is nothing but a charade the Japanese reactionaries dreamed up to deliberately aggravate the situation and impair the international prestige of the DPRK.

The Japanese reactionary conservative forces have persistently carried on the anti-DPRK smear campaign, pursuant to the anachronistic policy hostile to it. In recent years they fabricated fictitious “kidnapping case” and “case of operative ship” in a bid to build up public opinion. They described the DPRK’s launch of a satellite as a missile launch to incite among Japanese enmity towards the DPRK and Chongryon.

Despite all these plots the international prestige of the DPRK has risen higher than ever before and Chongryon, a dignified overseas citizens’ organization of the DPRK, has steadily grown stronger. This is an undeniable hard reality.

Much upset by this, the Japanese reactionary conservative forces and reptile media fabricated another shocking “spy case” in a foolish attempt to damage the international prestige of the DPRK and weaken the might of Chongryon at any cost.

Through this fabricated case they seek to achieve their sinister aim by driving a wedge in the relations between the north and the south of Korea which have witnessed a new positive change after the publication of the June 15 north-south joint declaration and blocking even the process of improving of the DPRK-Japan relations.

This only betrayed the political and moral vulgarity and shameless nature of Japan as it clings to all sorts of gimmicks intended to deny and hide its past crimes and evade its historical responsibility for them instead of reflecting on and apologizing for them.

If Japan truly wishes to settle all their crimes committed in the 20th century and improve the DPRK-Japan relations to be trusted by the international community, it should not resort to a trite anti-DPRK diatribe but fully admit and repent of the past crimes committed against the Korean people and thoroughly apologize and compensate for them, to begin with.

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