KCNA Slams U.S. Talk about “Early Inspection”

Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) — The United States is preposterously asserting that an inspection team should be formed with five countries to participate in the six-way talks to make an “early inspection” of the DPRK’s nuclear facilities and verify the dismantling of its nuclear program, to begin with.

This goes to prove that the U.S. is becoming more undisguised in its foolish attempt to put international pressure upon the DPRK to scrap its nuclear program before dialogue in a bid to totally disarm it and bring it to its knees.

Explicitly speaking, the U.S. demand for an “early inspection” of the DPRK nuclear facilities is absolutely unacceptable as it is a blatant interference in its internal affairs and an infringement upon its sovereignty.

The U.S. has misused the verification through inspection pursuant to the Safeguards Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency as a leverage to stifle the DPRK. It is still working hard to force the DPRK to dismantle its nuclear deterrent force under the pretext of verification.

The U.S. insists that the DPRK accept the “demand for scrapping its nuclear program before dialogue”, shunning the latter’s proposal for concluding a non-aggression treaty. This is a brigandish logic urging the DPRK to appear bare-handed before the U.S.

If the DPRK had have any intention to accept the U.S. demand for “scrapping its nuclear program before dialogue” it would have already done so in 1994 when the DPRK-U.S. Agreed Framework was published. It is self-evident that the DPRK can not accept such assertion under the tense situation where the U.S. further stepped up its policy to stifle the DPRK with nukes than that time and there is the real danger of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. is forcing the DPRK to accept its absurd demand for “dismantling of its nuclear program before dialogue” and “an early inspection,” shelving its commitments. This is little short of demanding the DPRK surrender to it.

Surrender means death.

The U.S. call for an “early inspection” of a sovereign state would only spark a conflict.

The DPRK is approaching the issue of inspection with the highest degree of vigilance. It can discuss the issue of verification through inspection only after the confirmation that the U.S. has dropped its hostile policy towards the DPRK and stopped posing a nuclear threat to it.

As unanimously declared by the world public, inspection is just like a detonating fuse and a prelude to a war.

The Iraqi war proved that consenting to disarmament through inspection does not help prevent a war but sparks it.

It is the height of folly for the U.S. to force the DPRK to accept its demand for an “early inspection”, considering it as Iraq. This act would be little short of opening Pandora’s box.

The U.S. should give up its absurd attempt to convince the international community of the justice of its demand for an “early inspection” with a lip-service that it “has no intention to invade” the DPRK. It should make an early U turn in its hostile policy toward the DPRK and respond to its proposal for concluding a non-aggression treaty.

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