Truth behind “Issue of North Korean Defectors” Exposed

Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) — The south Korean authorities have taken 468 DPRK citizens to south Korea on July 27 and 28 terming them “defectors from the north”, a very serious case unprecedented in the history of inter-Korean relations.

This thrice-cursed crime is a wanton violation of the basic spirit of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration in which the north and the south committed themselves to get reconciled and cooperate with each other and solve bilateral issues by the concerted efforts of the nation, a blatant challenge and an unpardonable hostile act intended to bring down the political system in the DPRK.

The National Reconciliation Council issued an indictment Friday to expose the truth behind the issue of “defectors from the north” much publicized by the United States and the south Korean authorities. It vehemently denounced the farce of “exile of defectors” staged by them as a criminal act intended to damage the dignity and the authority of the DPRK and push the inter-Korean relations to the phase of acute confrontation.

The indictment continued:

The south Korean authorities have laid a network of their intelligence agents, anti-DPRK operational organizations professing assistance to defectors from the north and hired abductors in Yanbian, China, bordering the DPRK to carry out intensified operations to abduct DPRK citizens who went there on private business or on visit to their relatives.

After abducting a big group of DPRK citizens the wicked terrorists carried out their second-phase operation to take them to south Korea under the cloak of “refuge-seeking.” They let them put up at separate “safe houses” provided by the organization for aiding north Korean defectors or at embassy before disguising them as tourists and taking them to a Southeast Asian country.

The south Korean authorities laid down the principle of “quite diplomacy” on which they instructed their embassies in those countries where “defectors” had gathered to conduct negotiations to take them to south Korea in group. At the same time, they invited high-ranking officials of those countries to Seoul to have confabs over their issue.

They sent their minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the Asia-Euro Summit and Foreign Ministers’ meeting and the meeting of the ASEAN Regional Security Forum, etc. that took place from April so that he might be closeted with the foreign minister of the relevant country over the issue. Finally in May they reached an agreement on carrying “defectors” to south Korea all at once in return for striking not a big economic deal with that country.

In the middle of the night on July 27 and 28 airliner No. 3623 of Asiana and a special plane of “Korea Air Lines Co., Ltd.” took off Inchon Airport for Vietnam. After long flights they reached the destination and had to make an immediate return flight with “defectors” on board in disregard of the principle of elementary maintenance for flight. This was how they carried out the “top secret transportation operation” like cat burglars.

All facts go to clearly prove that the “defectors” did not seek political asylum in south Korea according to their own will but were forcibly taken there by the U.S. and south Korean authorities and the anti-north conservative forces in south Korea under a carefully arranged plan to abduct them and this is, therefore, terrorism perpetrated through the exercise of mental and physical deterrent force to abuse human rights.

Those taken to south Korea now eagerly wish to come back to their native places where their beloved families and relatives live, disillusioned with the south Korean society, a barren land of human rights and humanity and a colony of the U.S.

The issue of “defectors” surfaced due to the U.S. anti-DPRK operation aimed at impairing the international prestige and image of the DPRK and forcing it to change its system under the pretext of human rights abuses.

The issue, a major point in the “bill on human rights in north Korea” adopted at the U.S. House of Representatives on July 21 is nothing but a fabrication made by the U.S. to politicize and internationalize the non-existent human rights issue in the DPRK, taking it as a thorn in the flesh as it invariably holds aloft the banner of socialism.

The south Korean authorities have performed the above-said farce but its scenario was written and orchestrated by the U.S.

In order to abduct DPRK citizens in a premeditated and organized way the U.S. plans to build many “concentration camps for north Korean defectors” in Mongolia and Southeast Asian region, to say nothing of China and Russia which border the DPRK, by mobilizing the CIA, the south Korean Intelligence Service and other intelligence and operational organizations at home and abroad. It even shaped a big budget to finance the operation.

The U.S. does not hesitate to conduct the operation of “exile of north Korean defectors”, putting its intelligence operational organizations under the mask of “civilian one” in a bid to abduct DPRK citizens and use them for subversive and sabotage activities against the political system in the DPRK.

A typical example of those organizations is the “National Foundation for Democracy” established in 1983.

The CIA had conducted clandestine operations to abduct DPRK citizens for the last several decades. But now this body is openly carrying out the operation under the name of “civilian organization” at its instruction. NFD directly funded the “Citizens Association for Human Rights in the North”, the “Network for Democracy in North Korea” and the “Turi Hana”, conservative right-wing organizations, and other anti-north and anti-communist organizations in south Korea to use them for its operations.

All facts testify to the fact that the issue of “defectors” much publicized by the U.S. and the south Korean authorities is a farce dreamed up by them and part of the U.S. operation to bring down the man-centered Korean style socialist system in the DPRK.

The anti-DPRK smear campaign has pushed the inter-Korean relations to an unpredictable phase of confrontation and produced more separated families and relatives after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration which calls for national reconciliation and cooperation, adding to the misfortune and pain of Koreans.

The National Reconciliation Council will never remain an on-looker to the U.S. and south Korean authorities’ unethical and inhumanitarian allurement, abduction and terrorism but will certainly settle accounts with them as they incite fresh discord and confrontation between the north and the south and throw an unmovable stumbling block in the way of implementing the joint declaration.

The U.S. and the south Korean authorities should stop at once the farce of “exile of north Korean defectors” which is aimed to sow the seeds of discord, mistrust and confrontation between fellow countrymen and topple the political system in the DPRK and unconditionally return the abductees to the north without delay as demanded by them.

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