DPRK, Dignified Non-aligned Nation

Pyongyang, August 23 (KCNA) — Twentynine years have elapsed since the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea joined the None-aligned Movement on August 25, Juche 64 (1975). Since then, it has remained true to the idea and principle of the movement and exerted positive efforts for its unity and development.

President Kim Il Sung contributed a treatise titled “The Non-aligned Movement Is a Mighty Anti-imperialist Revolutionary Force of Our Times” to the inaugural issue of the Argentine magazine Guidebook to the Third World dated December 16, 1975. In the work, he expounds in a comprehensive way not only the character, position, significance and role of the movement but also tasks and ways to expand and develop it.

He saw to it that the First Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture of Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries, the Second Conference of Ministers and Top Officials in Physical Education and Sport of Non-aligned Countries and several other meetings were successfully held in Pyongyang. At the meetings he made public various works including “Non-aligned And Developing Countries Should Solve the Agricultural Problem through Their Own Efforts” (August 26, 1981), “The Non-aligned And Developing Countries Must Build National Cultures under the Banner of Independence And Sovereignty” (September 26, 1983), “For the Development of Physical Education And Sport in the Non-aligned Countries” (July 8, 1986) and “For the Development of the Non-aligned Movement” (June 20, 1986). He thus gave clear-cut answers to the questions arising in increasing economic and technical cooperation and exchange among the Non-aligned and other developing countries and realizing the global independence.

The President also took measures to dispatch able experts to Non-aligned and developing countries so as to render sincere assistance to their agriculture.

The DPRK was elected as vice-chairman country in the 12th Non-aligned Summit held in September 1998.

Now it is striving to strengthen and develop the movement as member nation of the Coordinating Bureau of Non-aligned Countries.

Under support of the DPRK government, the Pyongyang Film Festival of the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries has been held once every two or three years since 1987 under the slogan “For Independence, Peace and Friendship”.

Non-aligned and developing countries fully support the independent foreign policy of the DPRK and the efforts of the Korean people for the independent and peaceful reunification of the country.

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