DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Blasts Bush’s Reckless Remarks

Pyongyang, August 23 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA Monday as regards the recent vituperation let loose by U.S. President Bush against the supreme headquarters of the DPRK:

Bush during his recent election campaign in Wisconsin State again let loose such outbursts as hurling malignant slanders and calumnies at the supreme headquarters of the DPRK. He asserted that it is necessary for the U.S., China, Japan, south Korea and Russia to unite and they are urging “the tyrant” to disarm himself.

This can not be construed as remarks made by a politician with sound reason and sensibility to reality but as a base tongue-lashing that can be made only by the stupid.

Bush who styles himself president of a super power went the lengths of decrying the supreme headquarters of a sovereign state and saying this or that of it unbecoming for his position. This clearly proves that the DPRK was quite right when it commented that he is a political imbecile bereft of even elementary morality as a human being and a bad guy, much less being a politician.

It was none other than Bush who started wars in Iraq and other parts of the world to commit genocide as he pleases.

Bush’s assumption of office turned a peaceful world into a pandemonium unprecedented in history as it is plagued with a vicious circle of terrorism and war.

Bush is a tyrant that puts Hitler into the shade and his group of such tyrants is a typical gang of political gangsters.

It is, therefore, by no means fortuitous that Bush is ridiculed and censured as an idiot, an ignorant, a tyrant and a man-killer not only in the U.S. but in various parts of the world.

Bush’s recent remarks openly demanding the DPRK to disarm itself clearly indicate that his utterances that the U.S. has no intention to invade north Korea and it would never attack north Korea are nothing but a gimmick as they are hypocrisy and a deceptive artifice to fool the world public.

He, in the final analysis, clearly disclosed that it is the real intention of the U.S. to bring down the system in the DPRK by force though everything in the world may change.

Bush’s assertion that the U.S. is demanding the DPRK disarm itself in unity with other countries participating in the six-party talks once again discloses the real aim sought by the U.S. in the framework of the talks.

The meeting of the working group for the six-party talks can not be opened because the U.S. has become more undisguised in pursuing its hostile policy towards the DPRK, backtracking from all agreements and common understanding reached at the third round of the six-party talks.

The Bush group has betrayed its true colors once again though it is directly responsible for properly laying a foundation for the talks. This made it quite impossible for the DPRK to go to the talks and deprived it of any elementary justification to sit at the negotiating table with the U.S.

The reality today substantially convinces the army and people of the DPRK that the Songun policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea is entirely just and heightens their faith and confidence in it.

No one can and will replace them in defending the country and the nation and Korean style socialism.

The DPRK will increase thousand times its capability for self defense, the people’s life and sole, to frustrate the extremely escalating moves of the U.S. to isolate and stifle it.

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