Rodong Sinmun on Independent Reunification

Pyongyang, August 23 (KCNA) — Today the will and desire of the Korean nation for independent reunification have exceptionally increased with the advent of the era of independent national reunification. With nothing can their will and desire be checked and frustrated, Rodong Sinmun Monday stresses in a signed article.

It goes on:

The historic June 15 joint declaration solemnly clarified at home and abroad that the reunification of the country would be achieved independently by the united efforts of the Korean nation responsible for it. This reflected the unanimous aspiration and will of all the Koreans to reunify the country by the nation itself, rejecting any domination and intervention of outside forces.

Independent reunification can only be achieved by the struggle to smash the outside forces’ moves for aggression, domination, interference and obstructions. The idea of “By our nation itself,” the core of the June 15 joint declaration, exceptionally enhanced all Koreans’ consciousness of national independence and rapidly fanned up the anti-U.S. atmosphere nationwide. The south Korean people have vigorously turned out in the struggle against the U.S. that is running amuck to stifle the fellow countrymen in the north and bring a disaster of a nuclear war to the Korean nation and interfering in and hindering the issues of north-south relations such as north-south cooperation and exchange. This is the offspring of the unprecedentedly enhanced consciousness of national independence and desire for independent reunification after the historic Pyongyang meeting and the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.

It is the realistic task for implementing the cause of national reunification to further strengthen national cooperation and continue to develop national reconciliation, cooperation and the movement for independent reunification.

All the Koreans should firmly unite and resolutely conduct a nationwide struggle to check and frustrate the maneuvers of the outside forces and anti-reunification forces.

The whole Korean nation should bravely stage a movement to achieve national reconciliation and cooperation and independent reunification by the concerted efforts of the nation, holding higher the banner of “By our nation itself.”

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