Kim Jong Il’s Works Greatly Instrumental in Developing Youth Movement

Pyongyang, August 26 (KCNA) — It is more than a decade since leader Kim Jong Il sent a historic letter “Young Men and Women, Be the Vanguard Unfailingly Loyal to the Party and the Leader” to the young people throughout the country and the officials of the youth league on the occasion of the first Youth Day, August 26, Juche 80 (1991).

The work underscores the importance and significance of instituting Youth Day and reviews a glorious path covered by the Korean youth movement. It clarifies tasks and ways for educating the youth as reliable successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche on the basis of the brilliant tradition of the Juche-oriented youth movement established by President Kim Il Sung. The work has served as important guidelines and an immortal banner for the development of the movement.

Ever since he began leading the revolution and construction, Kim Jong Il has authored a lot of works related to the youth movement such as “On Improving the Work of the Youth League to Meet the Requirements of the Developing Situation”, “Let Us Cultivate the Revolutionary Spirit of Paektu among the Rising Generation” and “Let Us Equip the Young People With the Spirit of Uninterrupted Revolution”.

The works deal with the character and duty of the league, the issues of arming the youth with the revolutionary spirit of Mt.Paektu, intensifying the education in the revolutionary traditions among them and helping them perform their role as vanguard and shock brigade on all fronts of socialist construction.

Among them are work “The Present Times and the Tasks Facing Young People” calling on the youth to explore the path to be followed by the times, achieve social progress and struggle for accomplishing the cause of independence against imperialism and other works entitled “Let Us Prepare the Young People Thoroughly as Reliable Successors to the Revolutionary Cause of Juche”, “Let Us Develop Our Youth Movement to a New, Higher Level” and “On Channeling Efforts into Work with Youth” published under the tragic situation where socialism collapsed in various countries.

In those days of the “Arduous March”, forced march Kim Jong Il indicated the direction and ways of leading the youth to play a frontranker’s role in defending and glorifying the socialist cause and granted the youth league the honor of going with the august name of President Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong Il’s famous works “On Mission and Tasks of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League” and “Let Us Exalt the Brilliance of Comrade Kim Il Sung’s Idea on the Youth Movement and the Achievements Made under His Leadership” clearly reflect the noble intention of the leader to steadily strengthen and develop the youth league as the youth organization of the President.

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