Youth, Vibrant Militant Ranks in Building Powerful Nation

Pyongyang, August 26 (KCNA) — The youth are standing at the head of the fierce revolutionary offensive on the three fronts–politics and ideology, anti-imperialism and military affairs and economy and science–in the DPRK, says Rodong Sinmun in a signed article Thursday.

There are many countries and multitudes of young people in the world, but no country has so successfully solved the youth problem as the DPRK did and no young people are so revolutionary and militant as those in the DPRK, the article states. Underlining the position and role played by the Korean youth on the three fronts, the article continues:

It is entirely the fruition of the wise guidance of leader Kim Jong Il that the Korean youth are demonstrating their might as the most viable militant ranks in building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation Setting forth the youth problem already long ago as a strategic issue for the victorious advance of the revolution, he has all along maintained the idea and line of attaching importance to the youth. It is the unshakable stand consistently maintained by him to carry the revolutionary cause of Juche to accomplishment with a tight hold on the youth as well as on the party and the army.

Notably, in the historical days of recording the sacred Songun revolution, he has combined the idea of attaching importance to the arms with that of attaching importance to the youth and wisely led the young soldiers to make a breakthrough in the revolution and construction well in the fore of the era.

It is high pride of the party and the people of the DPRK to have such trustworthy young men and women who are displaying their grand might as viable militant ranks in building a great prosperous powerful nation.

The young soldiers and all other youths will rally ever closer around Kim Jong Il and glorify the honor of being the young vanguard in building a great prosperous powerful nation.

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