Accomplishment of Songun Revolutionary Cause Called for

Pyongyang, August 27 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Friday carries a lengthy signed article titled “It is high pride of the army and people of the DPRK to successfully carry forward the great Songun tradition.”

The Songun revolutionary tradition of the Workers’ Party of Korea serves as a powerful weapon which gives a strong impetus to the advance of the Korean revolution in the 21st century, the article says, and goes on:

The Songun tradition has tremendous vitality as it was created and developed in depth in the crucible of the unprecedentedly difficult and complicated revolutionary struggle and has been proven in the practice of the Korean revolution.

The Songun tradition is an eternal treasure for the Korean revolution.

President Kim Il Sung laid down the principle of attaching importance to military affairs based on the Juche idea for the first time in history and led the Juche-based revolutionary cause of Songun on that basis. A revolution starts and is carried to completion by an invincible military force, all achievements of the revolution are possible thanks to armed forces and protected and glorified by them and top priority should be given to military affairs in the revolution. These were the principle and formula of revolution he clarified in the period of the anti-Japanese revolution.

This principle serves as a foundation that supports all contents of the Songun tradition.

The foundation of the philosophy on the army marked a historic event as it meant the beginning of the great revolutionary struggle to defeat the most wicked and formidable imperialist enemies with the youngest revolutionary forces. The anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle was a great revolutionary one that brought about a victory, guided by the Juche-oriented idea of attaching importance to arms.

The principle of Songun revolution set out by the President served as a starting point in working out the line, principle, strategy and tactics of the Korean revolution.

Referring to the Songun tradition that has been successfully carried forward, the article says that it is leader Kim Jong Il who has creditably carried forward and developed the anti-Japanese Songun tradition.

His revolutionary history is one of the great illustrious commander and statesman who has led the struggle for carrying forward and completing the Juche cause to victory in reliance upon the army.

In the period of the “Arduous March” when the Korean revolution was caught in the cleft stick he embarked upon the long journey of Songun and led the struggle to defend socialism to victory. He chose the road of Songun at the historic crossroads of military or economy, a manifestation of the high sense of his mission to shoulder upon himself the destiny of the country and the nation to the last.

Kim Jong Il is the genius of revolution as he has developed in depth the President’s idea of attaching importance to the military affairs and laid down guidelines for the Songun era. He, endowed with clairvoyant wisdom and insight, extraordinary thinking and pursuit and rare ability to analyze and judge things, scientifically ascertained the justice and greatness and universality of the President’s Songun idea and clarified its essential contents and requirements. The ideas and theories set out by Kim Jong Il in the era of Songun have immensely enriched the ideological and theoretical treasure-house of mankind. They include the theory of turning the revolutionary army into the army strong in idea and faith and into a matchless army, the conception of forming the revolutionary forces with the revolutionary army as a core force, the idea of building the economy centering on national defence industry, and building Songun revolutionary culture, the theory of transforming the society on the pattern of the idea, spirit, virtue and fighting spirit created by the revolutionary army.

Kim Jong Il is a peerless statesman who formulated the unique and basic socialist political mode based on the President’s Songun revolutionary tradition.

He successfully applied to the present reality the President’s unique revolutionary leadership formula whereby he led the revolution and construction by giving priority to the army and formulated it as a perfect basic socialist political mode, Songun political mode.

Referring to the bright prospect of the Songun tradition and the Korean revolution, the article goes on:

The Songun tradition constitutes the core of the revolutionary traditions of the WPK.
The Juche ideological system, indomitable revolutionary spirit, noble exploits and a wealth of experience in struggle, the revolutionary work method and popular work style which form the contents of the WPK’s revolutionary traditions were created in the course of blazing a trail of the arduous Songun revolution.

The WPK’s Songun tradition is strictly based on the Juche principle and faith. The noble spiritual world of the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners was characterized by the strong independent will to carry the revolution to completion by their own efforts, not with someone’s support or aid, their high sense of self-esteem not to tolerate those who infringe upon the national dignity and their ardent patriotic spirit of devoting themselves to the country and the nation.

The successful inheritance of the Songun revolutionary tradition provides a sure guarantee for winning a decisive victory in the fierce confrontation with the U.S.

The Songun tradition was established in the crucible of the fierce struggle against imperialism and the class enemies on which hinged the destiny of the country and the nation. Reflected in the Songun revolutionary tradition is the firm class viewpoint that neither concession nor retreat should be allowed in the struggle against the enemies who brandish swords and an unshakable will to settle accounts with them once they fight them.

The DPRK is fighting a fierce battle to defend socialism on which hinges the destiny of the nation. Sound mentality and the readiness to wage a life-and death-struggle against the imperialists and the U.S. would serve as the best weapon in this struggle. The army and people of the DPRK will be able to successfully carry forward the ever-victorious traditions of the Korean revolution only when they fight just as the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners did in the spirit that they would surely wipe out the enemy though they might die a thousand deaths.

The road of revolution to be covered by the DPRK in the new century is the journey of Songun the President started with two pistols, the article says, underscoring the need for the army and people of the DPRK to defend the glorious Songun tradition and add shine to it under the leadership of Kim Jong Il and thus accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche started on Mt. Paektu.

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