Japan Urged to Redress Its Past as Early as Possible

Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Sunday carries an article 94 years after the Japanese imperialists proclaimed the “Korea-Japan annexation” after fabricating the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty” at the point of bayonet.

The article cites to prove that the “Korea-Japan annexation” proclaimed by the Japanese imperialists on August 29, 1910 was a brigandish and illegal annexation. Noting that due to the Japanese imperialists’ brigandish annexation of territory and colonial fascist rule, the Korean people suffered immeasurable misfortune and pain and Korea was far removed from modern civilization, the article says:

The Japanese imperialists did not grant even elementary freedom and right to the Korean people and forced them to unconditionally submit and obey the order that was enforced by them for their occupation and colonial rule.

They abducted and forcibly drafted more than 8.4 million young and middle-aged Koreans to use them as cannon fodder in battle fields or drive them like beasts of burden in such slave labor sites as the construction sites of ore and coal mines and military installations.

Meanwhile, at least 200,000 Korean women were taken away as “comfort women” for the imperial Japanese army and forced to provide sex to it. Most of them fell victim to the Japanese imperialists’ atrocities. They died in alien lands with grudge against them.

During their occupation of Korea the Japanese imperialists savagely plundered it of its rich resources and indiscriminately vandalized and looted its precious cultural treasures.

Not content with this, they took away even brass bowls and brass spoons and chopsticks used by families of Korea, to say nothing of brass candlesticks and brass wine cups on tables used during memorial services and ornamental hairpins of women.

The Japanese imperialists had long kept an eye to the cultural treasures of Korea. So as soon as they occupied it, they came to Korea like a pack of wolves and ruthlessly looted those treasures and shipped them to Japan to make them their own properties.

The Japanese acts of looting and burning up Korea’s national classics reached their height in vandalizing and looting the cultural treasures of Korea.

The Japanese imperialist gangsters shipped “Rijosillok (the true records of Ri Dynasty)”listed as a cultural treasure of the world, and many precious books preserved in Kyujang Pavilion.

The Japanese imperialists committed such outrages as burning up over 200,000 volumes of books recording the history of Korea, branding them as “seditious books”.

They enforced such harsh national culture obliteration policy in Korea as disallowing the Koreans to use their spoken and written languages.

The Japanese imperialists declared the Japanese language the “national language” and did not hesitate to impose fine upon Koreans and give them physical punishment if they did not use the Japanese language.

They pursued such a cruel policy of assimilating Koreans as Japanese as forcing them to change their names into Japanese.

These shuddering atrocities committed by the Japanese imperialists during their occupation of Korea in the last century were extremely hideous ones against humanity, the nation and history.

Though 60 years have passed since the defeat of Japan, it has not yet redressed its past. Japan should settle its past at an early date in the spirit of the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration in order to redress the hideous crimes it committed against the Korean people and make a fresh appearance before the times and humankind.

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