Youth Day Observed

Pyongyang, August 28 (KCNA) — Kim Jong Il is the great leader of the Korean youth movement and a benevolent teacher who has brought up the young people to be reliable heirs to the revolutionary cause of Juche, says Rodong Sinmun today in an editorial dedicated to the Youth Day.

It goes on: Forty years of his leadership over the Korean revolution are a history of his loving care in which he has shown for the young people all solicitude he could do. They represent a heroic epic in which he has victoriously led the struggle to defend socialism and achieve the prosperity of the country in firm reliance upon the youth as well as the Party and the army. His idea and line of giving importance to the youth have served as a source of inexhaustible strength that inspired the young people to display great wisdom and courage and make leaping advances.

The young people, those in their twenties in particular, should have a great ideal and high ambition as required by the developing new era, which means becoming a standard-bearer of the Songun revolution to be acknowledged by the leader and to be remembered by the country and the people forever, the editorial stresses, and says:

Our young people should creditably carry forward the tradition of devotedly defending the headquarters of the revolution.

All the young people should have the unshakable faith that they recognize nobody but leader Kim Jong Il, entrust their destinies and future entirely to him and safeguard the headquarters of the revolution in the spirit of becoming human bullets and bombs, the spirit of blowing up themselves.

It is necessary for them to uphold the Party’s idea of Songun and its leadership with heroic feats.

All the young people should become a passionate adherent to the Songun idea, a steadfast champion of the Songun politics and a thorough implementer of the Songun line and regard it as the highest honor to become a soldier of Kim Jong Il.

They should be reliable defenders of socialism who uncompromisingly fight against the U.S. imperialists and all sorts of class enemies with the transparent working class consciousness and the anti-U.S., anti-imperialist fighting spirit.

The most important task facing the young people at present is to make a breakthrough in advance in all fields of building a great prosperous powerful nation.

They should fully display their resourcefulness and courage in the efforts to build a great prosperous powerful nation in the same noble patriotic spirit as demonstrated by the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters, in the same spirit of devotedly defending the country as done by the heroic soldiers in the 1950s and in the same vim and vigor with which the Korean people carried out the “Arduous March” in the 1990s. All of them should thus emerge young heroes.

All the young people must learn harder to become true men of ability in the Songun era with high ambitions and great hope to glorify their country and nation with admirable capability and know-how.

They should take the lead in getting the revolutionary soldier spirit prevail throughout the society as befits the younger generation of the DPRK which enjoys high dignity thanks to the Songun policy.

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