Protection of Fascist Law Assailed

Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) — The south Korean Constitutional Court ruled on August 26 that some paragraphs of the “Security Law” are consistent with the “constitution,” according to south Korean MBC.

All the nine judges of the court made this decision on the first and fifth paragraphs of article 7 of the SL by the consensus of their views though they are rebuffed and condemned as poisonous provisions blocking reunification and stamping down democracy.

The nation is called upon to put an end to the era of division and confrontation and work together for independent reunification. Yet the above-said court adopted such a reckless decision to totally block national reconciliation and cooperation, still considering the north where fellow countrymen live as an “anti-state organization” and making “praises, encouragement and information service for it” and “printing of enemy-benefiting literature, its possession and distribution” punishable.

This cannot but be an anachronistic crime going against the new.

The anti-reunification conservative forces came out in protection of this fascist law despite the mounting actions among various circles for the repeal of the SL as exemplified by the recommendation for the total abolition of the SL sent by the Human Rights Committee of south Korea to the “National Assembly” and the “Ministry of Justice” recently. This is nothing but a foolish attempt to prolong the remaining days of their dirty political careers by keeping the SL in force.

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