Schools Open in Ryongchon

Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) — Ceremonies of opening Ryongchon Primary School and Ryongchon College of Agriculture in the DPRK took place on September 1 amidst the blessing of people.

These schools were most seriously destroyed when there was a sudden explosion of two wagons at Ryongchon Railway Station on April 22.

New buildings of these schools have been successfully built earlier than other objects in a matter of a little more than four months to receive students.

The modern four- and three-story buildings have appeared side by side hundreds of meters away east of the place where they had stood before. The first one has a floor space of nearly 5,000 square meters and the second one 3,000 square meters or almost double the size of the former buildings.

All classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids and facilities.

When the calamity-stricken citizens were at a loss how to bring their living to normal and eradicate the aftermath of the disaster, the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK government saw to it that lessons resumed at schools in three days after the accident and directed primary attention to constructing new school buildings and opening them.

The opening of the new school buildings is the fruition of leader Kim Jong Il’s profound loving care for the rising generation and the correct educational policy pursued by the WPK and the DPRK government.

Among the pupils present at the ceremony were the two pupils, who had been seriously injured in the accident but miraculously survived at Kim Man Yu Hospital in Pyongyang, and their parents. They spoke in excited tone of the benevolent fatherly love shown by Kim Jong Il for them.

Teaching staff and students attending the ceremonies hardened their determination to make big achievements in education and study, cherishing deep in mind the trust reposed by the party and the state in the younger generation and the advantages of the socialist educational system. The ceremonies were followed by the first lessons.

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