U.S. Rejected Worldwide

Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) — The more desperately the U.S. imperialists resort to unilateralism and pursue the policy of military intervention and war, the stronger resentment and resistance they will meet from the world people and the earlier their decline and doom will come, warns Rodong Sinmun Thursday in a signed article.

Noting that the United States is now under fire in the military and economic fields as well as in the political field in all the regions and all countries of the world and it is rebuffed not only by the developing countries but by Western capitalist countries, the article goes on:
The world people who love justice and peace and aspire after independence, liberation and social progress are standing up against the U.S. imperialists’ arms race and “anti-terrorism war” and strongly urging them to withdraw their aggressor troops from overseas and dismantle their military bases in other countries.

Noteworthy in the struggle against the U.S. imperialists’ moves for aggression and war is that it is getting unprecedentedly fierce assuming massive nature.

Many more countries and peoples have joined in the anti-U.S. struggle since the U.S. imperialists launched an invasion against Iraq in disregard of international law and the United Nations in March last year.
What is also noteworthy in this struggle is that it is now going on in combination with the campaign against Bush’s reassumption of office.

The world people are lifting their voices critical of the U.S. imperialists’ policy of aggression and war as regards the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S.

While paying lip-service to the settlement of the nuclear issue through the six-party talks the U.S. is frantically stepping up the preparations to mount a preemptive attack on the DPRK behind the curtain of dialogue. This is triggering off deep concern and resentment among the world people desirous of a peaceful solution to the nuclear issue and the peace and security on the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. imperialists are standing further isolated internationally than ever before. It is by no means a temporary phenomenon but an inevitable product of the policy of aggression pursued by the successive U.S. governments, particularly, the policy of unprecedentedly bellicose high-handed practices, unilateralism and hegemony frantically followed by the Bush administration.

Ours is the era of independence in which all the progressive people of the world are standing up against all sorts of domination and subjugation and many more countries are going in for independence. Even those capitalist countries, which once considered the U.S. as “protector,” “savior” and “helper”, are opposed to the U.S. control and subjugation and aspiring after autonomy and independence. The anti-U.S. sentiment prevailing throughout the world has become an irresistible trend of the present times.

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