GNP’s Moves to Hide Its Crimes under Fire

Pyongyang, September 3 (KCNA) — The Grand National Party of south Korea is becoming increasingly assertive that the organization to be created for “probe into truth about past crimes” should be a pure research institution belonging to such non-political organization as an academy.

It again raised a hue and cry over “political colouring,” insisting that “pro-north and pro-communist activities” should be included in the objects to be probed.

A signed commentary of Minju Joson Friday dismisses this as an anachronistic move to cover up such hideous crimes as pro-U.S. sycophantic and traitorous acts, fascist and anti-reunification acts it has committed since it sprang up from the pro-Japanese roots, scuttle the probe into the truth about past crimes and put a brake on the movement for independence, democracy and reunification in a bid to bring back the old era of dictatorship and confrontation.

The above-mentioned far-fetched assertion made by the GNP is aimed to insult under absurd pretexts those figures and organizations that have conducted just activities for national reconciliation, cooperation, unity and reunification, create a complexity in the solution of the issue and divert the probe elsewhere, the commentary says, and goes on:

The truth about past crimes should be probed as demanded by the south Koreans. The history that had been distorted or incorrectly estimated should be set right and properly assessed.

With no sleight of hand can the GNP’s ultra-right conservative forces cover up the true nature of the party made up of pro-Japanese traitors and their descendents and the crimes they have committed against the nation. It can never evade a stern trial of history as they revolted against progress and reform.

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