Premier on Last Year’s Work of DPRK Cabinet and Its Tasks for This Year

Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) — Deputy Pak Pong Ju, premier of the DPRK Cabinet, delivered a report on the first agenda item “On the Review of the Work of the DPRK Cabinet in Juche 93 (2004) and Its Tasks for Juche 94 (2005)” at the Third Session of the 11th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall here Monday.

According to the report, last year the Cabinet administered economic affairs with main stress on radically boosting the electricity, coal and metal industries and the railway transport and rejuvenating the production in all sectors of the national economy including light industry and agriculture, true to the line of the Workers’ Party of Korea on economic construction in the Songun era, and took positive measures to round off the
socialist economic management method our own way while powerfully stepping up the work of reconstructing and modernizing the national economy on the basis of modern science and technology.

The U.S. imperialists were so base as to suspend even the supply of heavy fuel oil to our country last year, though they were committed to it as compensation. But industrial fields boosted the production on major indices.

The electricity production went up 50 percent as against 2002. The Musan Mining Complex, in particular, increased the production of concentrated ore 90 percent as against the previous year. The Kusong Machine Tool Factory has been technologically updated and great successes have been registered in the reconstruction and modernization of the Rakwon Machine Complex, the Huichon Machine Tool Factory and other machine factories and the March 26 Factory.

Operation has been on normal track at major mines and smelteries. The construction of the Taean Friendship Glass Factory has made rapid progress.

Many successes have been made in the chemical and electronics industries and railways and marine transport. A large deposit of iron ore was discovered in the Musan area and a Juche-based iron-making method and the technology of producing magnesia clinker by use of anthracite have been developed and introduced to production. These are spectacular successes made in the efforts to consolidate the foundation of the independent industry.

Successes were also achieved in agriculture, fisheries, light industry and land management last year.

The main tasks facing the economic fields this year are to decisively settle the food problem, true to the Party’s plan and intention, and dynamically push forward the work of reconstructing and modernizing the national economy as required by the new century and, at the same time, put the overall industrial production on a higher level on the basis of the existing solid production foundation.

Agriculture is the main front in the socialist economic construction this year.

It is necessary for this field to widely introduce high yielding seeds, implement to the letter the Party’s policies of cultivating two crops a year, bringing about a radical turn in potato farming and successfully cultivating bean and decisively boost the per-hectare yield of grains.

It is also necessary to direct sustained big efforts to those sectors which play the role of a pilot for the national economy while stepping up the work to reconstruct and modernize it so as to settle the problems of fuel, power and iron and steel and the problem of transport and effect a new surge in the overall industrial production on this basis.

It is imperative to operate thermal power generating equipment at full capacity, accelerate the construction of large-scale hydro power stations and minor ones, decisively increase the production capacity at the coal mines in South Hamgyong Province and the northern area and boost the iron production by use of locally available fuel. It is necessary to dynamically push ahead with the drive to reconstruct and modernize the Chollima Steel Complex and the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex as required by the new century and put the UHP electric arc furnace of the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex into commission ahead of schedule.

It is necessary to increase the railway freight turnover 20 percent as compared with that last year and decisively boost the portion of marine and auto transport.

It is imperative to positively conduct external economic activities to suit the changed environment and, at the same time, bring the quality of the second and third processing goods in great demand to the world’s level by use of raw materials and resources rich in the country in a bid to positively explore foreign markets. Effective economic cooperation should be pursued with other countries in the direction of introducing advanced science and technology.
Efforts should be channeled into capital construction this year to build monumental edifices in the Songun era on the highest level so as to contribute to adding shine to the 60th anniversary of the Party foundation.

It is imperative to focus efforts on carrying out the tasks facing the major objects of the state to solve latest scientific and technological problems and intensify the activities of the “February 17 Shock Brigade of Scientists and Technicians” to help major factories and enterprises successfully settle issues arising in their technological updating.

It is necessary to study and perfect the new socialist economic management system and method of our style to suit the new circumstances and conditions and, for the present, continue energetically pushing forward the drive to boost the economy of the country with main emphasis on the state enterprises as required by the socialist planned economy in all sectors of the economy.

All the economic guiding officials and managing officials of the factories and enterprises should work out scientific management strategy, business strategy, organize production and business activities as desired by the people and in keeping with the specific conditions, while thoroughly adhering to the socialist principle and the principle of ensuring profitability, and make tangible contributions to rounding off the socialist economic management method of our style.

A new turn should be effected in the cultural construction including education, culture, public health and sports this year and the revolutionary soldier culture of the People’s Army should be displayed to the full throughout the society.

The reporter referred to specific tasks, stressing the need to decisively increase the function and role of the Cabinet as an organizer and implementer of the overall economic affairs of the country in order to successfully carry out the vast tasks facing it this year.

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