Premiere of 23rd April Spring Friendship Art Festival

Pyongyang, April 12 (KCNA) — The April Spring Friendship Art Festival, an annual traditional event on the occasion of the significant Day of the Sun

common to the humankind, raised the curtain of its 23rd performance with a large attendance at different theatres in Pyongyang Monday evening. The theatres included the Ponghwa Art Theatre, the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, the State Theatrical Theatre and the Yun I Sang Concert Hall.
The premiere of the festival was given by veteran art troupes, international and national concours winners and famous artistes from many countries. The performers highly praised President Kim Il Sung as the sun of Juche and a peerlessly great man.

A female vocal soloist of the Indonesian Guruh Sukarno Art Troupe put on the stage the song “Cantata to Marshal Kim Il Sung” and national concours winners and other artistes of the Chinese Hangzhou Song and Dance Troupe, which proved successful in several national art festivals and contests, mixed duet song “Song of Loyalty”, a masterpiece of Korea.

Artistes of the Russian Sveshnikov State Academic Chorus with long tradition raised the curtain of their performance with the immortal revolutionary paean “Song of General Kim Jong Il”. And they fully represented the ardent love of the Russian people for their motherland through such chorus numbers as “The Just War” and “Lark.”

A violinist of the Moldovan music troupe superbly played the famous song “Nostalgia” and a female vocal soloist of the art troupe of the Japan-Korea Musical and Artistic Interchange Society ardently sang the famous song “Dear General, Where Are You.” A female vocal soloist of the Singaporean art troupe admirably sang “Whenever Spring Comes”, a song from the famous revolutionary opera “The Flower Girl”, to touch the heartstrings of the audience. She has participated in the festival several times.

A male vocal soloist of the Mongolian art troupe fluently sang the Korean song “Please Receive Our Salute” in Korean and a baritone of the Armenian group of famous artistes put on the stage the song “Green Pine Standing on Nam Hill”.

Artistes of the Polish Mazowsze Song and Dance Ensemble, which is well-known among Koreans through its several visits to the DPRK, staged dances “Meeting” and “Obereg” and other numbers, in which they expressed the national emotions of the Polish people with animated and elegant rhythmic movements to the tune of cheerful music.

Oleksandr Zhuravchak, a Ukrainian player who is an international folk musical instrument concours winner, fully represented the emotion of the Ukrainian people with cheerful melodies by skillfully playing various folk musical instruments one after another.

Put on the stage were also a piano solo by Alberto Joya of the Cuban music troupe, who participated in the festival several times, and “Song on Mary” by a British vocal soloist who excellently represented the song as required by the motif.

The performances were appreciated by senior officials of ministries and national institutions, members of the festival organizing committee, officials concerned, artistes, working people, youth and students in Pyongyang and diplomatic envoys and officials of foreign embassies here, foreign guests and overseas compatriots.

The festival performances will continue.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lawrenceyeah/15729507815/

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