DPRK Demands Japan Return Remains of Japanese Woman

Pyongyang, April 13 (KCNA) — The DPRK embassy in Beijing Wednesday formally conveyed its following stand and demand to the Japanese embassy

there in connection with the disclosure of the fact that the results of examination of the remains of Japanese Megumi Yokota were fabricated in Japan:
As already known, Prof. Tomio Yoshii of Deikyo College of Japan, who had personally examined her remains, in a recent interview with the British science magazine Nature admitted that “the results of examination of the remains were not certain and there was the possibility of the sample of the remains being contaminated”.

This has objectively proved that the results of the examination of her remains were fabricated.

However, the Japanese government has done nothing till now and turned blind eyes to the questions raised at home and abroad as to the scientific credibility and doubtful points concerning Japan’s examination of the remains.

We will not remain an onlooker to the fact that Japan is applying undeclared “sanctions” against the DPRK such as banning ship Mangyongbong-92 from entering Japanese ports while inciting hostility towards it after faking up the politically motivated results of examination of the remains.

As we notified Japan on February 24, we strongly urge once again the Japanese government to probe the truth about the fabrication of the results of the examination of the remains at an early date, punish those responsible for it and send them back to us in their original state.

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