Presentation of Greatness of Kim Il Sung Held

Pyongyang, April 14 (KCNA) — A presentation of the greatness of President Kim Il Sung was held at the April 25 House of Culture in Pyongyang on Wednesday on the occasion of the Day of the Sun under the sponsorship of the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces.

Jo Myong Rok, director of the General Political Department of the Korean People’s Army, and other speakers said that the President was the first in history to teach the truth that the independence and prosperity of the state and nation are guaranteed by the army and set out the unique Songun idea, providing a sure guarantee for accomplishing the Juche revolutionary cause.

They noted that the President fully prepared the People’s Army politically and ideologically and in military technique, built an independent and modern defence industry, converted the whole country into an impregnable fortress and led the revolution and construction to victory with his outstanding Songun revolutionary leadership.

They cited concrete facts to explain that he built the Party, the government and the army in Korean style despite the complicated conditions after the liberation of the country, laid down the most just line of socialist construction suited to the actual conditions of the country and desire of the people and consistently implemented it.

Recalling that he put forward the people as genuine masters of the country and built socialism centered on the popular masses in service to them, speakers pointed out that as a result a new society for the people has been built on this land and the dignity and position of the Korean nation have reached the highest level.

He set out an original theory and strategy and tactics on the world revolution in the era of independence with his rare wisdom and dynamically led the struggle of the progressive people for independence and socialism through his energetic external activities, they noted.

They called on all the servicepersons of the Korean People’s Army to hold Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the eternal leader generation after generation and more dynamically endeavor to build a great prosperous powerful nation of Juche on this land and accomplish the national reunification and the Juche revolutionary cause, true to the Songun revolutionary leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il.

Among those present there were Kim Yong Chun, chief of the General Staff of the KPA, and Kim Il Chol, minister of the People’s Armed Forces.

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