“Room Dedicated to the Reading of Comrade Kim Il Sung” Arranged in Its Original State in China

Pyongyang, April 16 (KCNA) — A “room dedicated to the reading of Comrade Kim Il Sung” of Jilin Yuwen Middle School situated on the bank of Songhua River in Jilin, China was arranged to retain its former glory in the 1920s on the occasion of the Day of the Sun.

Jilin Yuwen Middle School was set up in a place noted for its scenic beauty and good environment in 1917. It trained many famous figures and intellectuals.

President Kim Il Sung conducted his revolutionary activities while studying at the school from January, Juche 16 (1927) to Autumn, Juche 18 (1929).

The president was admitted to the second year class of the school on January 17, Juche 16 (1927). Elected chief of the school library twice, he studied hard Marxist-Leninist classics such as “The Capital” and read many revolutionary novels including “Mother” and “Blessing” and progressive novels based on the reality in those days, sitting up all night.

He made a deep inquiry into new strategic and tactical problems related to fulfilling the historic mission of the working class through his energetic study. This course meant the course in which he brought to maturity the guiding idea, theory and method on the Korean revolution.

The party and government of China decided to name the classroom where the President studied a “room dedicated to the reading of Marshal Kim Il Sung” in 1953 and then a “room dedicated to the reading of Comrade Kim Il Sung.”

Over the last more than half a century since then, officials of the Chinese party and government, party and power organs of Jilin Province and Jilin City and teachers, staff members and students of the school and Koreans in China have done the work to repair and take better care of the room on several occasions including 1985, 1997 and 2003.
This year the People’s Government and different organs in Jilin City and Koreans in China paid deep attention to the work of keeping the room in its original state, attaching utmost importance to it.

Thanks to their efforts, the floor and walls of the room were arranged in their original state and the room was equipped with modern facilities for permanently preserving the revolutionary historic materials of the President and gifts sent by him and leader Kim Jong Il to the school.

Saying that the room arranged in its original state thanks to the sincere efforts of the peoples of the DPRK and China is a precious historic site associated with the revolutionary feats of the President, a room good for the education in the revolutionary tradition and patriotism, a centre for moral education in Jilin Province and a holy place for glorifying the Sino-Korea friendship, the officials of the school are taking care of the room with all sincerity.

The room which will always stand in the flower garden of the Sino-Korea friendship is now visited by Chinese from all walks of life and foreigners.

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