Japanese Woman Interviewed in Beijing

Beijing, April 18 (KCNA) — An Phil Hwa, Japanese woman in the DPRK, was interviewed by media persons at the DPRK embassy in Beijing Monday.

Born in Katsushika in Tokyo Metropolis on November 24, 1938, she came to the DPRK together with her Korean husband in December 1959 in the first batch of returnees from Japan. She has since lived there for 43 years.

She has two children and three grandchildren there.

She told the following story of how she was coaxed into going back to Japan:

In 2002 I was living with my daughter in Kilju County, North Hamgyong Province. On December 9 that year, I met a man on my way home from visiting my son living in Taehongdan County, Ryanggang Province. The man asked me to meet my younger sister briefly, saying my younger sister in Japan was waiting for me in China. I eagerly wished to meet my younger sister as she and I had been apart 43 years. I went across the River Tuman on the back of the man but there was not my younger sister in China.
I met a Japanese journalist and two Korean-speaking men in Dalian. They negotiated with the Japanese consulate general in Shenyang to take me to Japan.

In Japan I met my younger sister whom I had eagerly wanted to see and my old friends, but lived there with tears for yearning for my grandchildren as the days go by. I learned through phone calls and letters that my grandchildren are in university, which I could not image in my dreams.

I was cheated by bad guys into returning to Japan but my children and grandchildren have been cared for in the DPRK, free from any discrimination.

This hard fact once again made me feel thankful for the benevolent politics of leader Kim Jong Il.

This prompted me to harden my determination to go back to the DPRK, to the care of the leader.

I intend to go back to where there is my house and my children and grandchildren are waiting for me, as a proud citizen of the DPRK.

Present at the press conference were an official of the Information Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, media persons of China and foreign correspondents in Beijing.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/2604022156/

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