Papers Observe KPA Founding Anniversary

Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) — Papers here Monday dedicate editorials to the 73rd birthday of the heroic Korean People’s Army.

The editorials call for uniting close around the headquarters of revolution led by Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il and fighting more staunchly for a victory in the confrontation with the U.S. and the building of a great prosperous powerful nation with the might of Songun.

Noting that the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army on April 25, Juche 21 (1932) was a historic event of fundamental significance in building revolutionary armed forces and shaping the destiny of the country and the nation in the era of independence, the editorials say the strong roots of the revolutionary cause of Juche, the independent life of the Korean people and the bright future of the prosperous country lie in the founding and development of the revolutionary armed forces.

Rodong Sinmun in its editorial says:

The revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung was a glorious history in which he founded the army first and led the revolution and construction to victory in reliance upon the matchless military forces. It is a brilliant fruition of the President’s line of attaching primary importance to military affairs that the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK could work military miracles which will shine through centuries by defeating two formidable imperialist enemies, the U.S. and Japan, and display its pride as a powerful mainstay defending the Workers’ Party of Korea, the state, the ideology and system of the DPRK on the forefront of the bloody class struggle and socialist construction.

The history of the President’s leadership over the army building has been steadfastly carried forward by Kim Jong Il. The Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il is an experienced and tested leadership whereby he leads all the work of the political, economic, ideological and cultural fields on the basis of firmly maintaining the principle of giving priority to the military affairs under any difficult and complicated situation.

And it is an ever-victorious leadership to successfully solve all the problems arising in defending the country and building socialism in reliance upon the political and military power of the KPA.

The KPA, resembling Kim Jong Il possessed of gifted military intelligence and wisdom and unrivaled grit and pluck, is fighting dauntlessly with a tight grip on the arms of justice and patriotism which are merciless to the enemies who dare encroach upon the dignity of the socialist country.

The faith of the KPA in socialism is and will be unshakable. The socialist system of the DPRK will be further fortified as an impregnable fortress as there are the KPA, which has grown to be a-match-for-a hundred armed forces through all hardships and tribulations in the centuries-long confrontation with the enemies, and the powerful defense industry.

The Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il is the lifeline of the socialism of Korean style. The greatest mission of the KPA is to devotedly defend the headquarters of revolution.
The KPA will never pardon aggressors who dare provoke the sovereignty of the nation and the socialist system, the cradle of the worthy life of the Korean people.

The Songun revolutionary cause of the WPK will surely emerge victorious as the KPA prepared and tempered in politico-ideological and military technical aspects in the 70 odd year-long arduous struggle is standing in the van. The final victory is in store for the army and people of the DPRK with the treasured sword of great Songun in their hands.

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